An Overview

The School of Health Sciences is made up of 6 departments offering different Certificates and Diplomas under the regulation of various professional Health agencies. These agencies regularly visit the College for routine accreditation of the Programmes. The College proudly has up to date accreditation from the regulatory Boards of the following Health Professions:

  1. Community Health
  • Diploma in Community Health Extension workers (CHEW)
  • Certificate of Junior Community Health Extension workers (JCHEW)


  1. Environmental Health Technology
  • Diploma in Environmental Health Technology (ND and HND)
  • Certificate of Environmental Health Technician


  1. Health Information Management
  • Diploma in Health Information Management (ND and HND)
  • Certificate of Health Records Technician


  1. Medical Laboratory Science
  • Certificate of Medical Laboratory Technician


  1. Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics (ND)


  1. Pharmacy Technician
  • Certificate of Pharmacy Technician

Chika Paulinus Enwuru